SUMMER SPECIAL: Make Your First Move!


Join us for a newly created beginner class for chess players!
Don’t know the rules or how the pieces move? This is the perfect class that covers basic rules, planning your games and time management for those completely new to chess.  This club is your first move in to the amazing world of chess!
Our instructor/tutor- Shinji Nakagawa
As the president of the chess club in University of Toronto, Seiji teaches newcomers the rules and starting strategies of the game of chess. He has also coached his high school chess team to prepare them for their provincial tournament and some of them won the right to take part in Canadian Youth Chess Championships.
【Date】Term I: 7/6(Wed), 7/13(Wed), 7/20(Wed)  [3 lessons/term]     16:00-16:45 [Time Changed]
                   Term II: 7/27(Wed), 8/3(Wed), 8/10(Wed) [3 lessons/term]    15:00-15:45
【Place】Details will be provided upon registration.
【Costs】 10,000 yen for three lessons (Cash only please)
【Requirements】 Understanding rules and manner applied to public open spaces.
Membership fee (10,000 yen) is waived for this course.
Trial lesson is not provided.

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