The Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club's New year Tournament attracted 13 of the best scholastic players in the central Tokyo area.  Deep thinkers attend this tournament from grades kindergarten up through 6th grade to compete against the strongest competition scholastic chess has to offer.   Several students in Class A were one of talented youngsters rated over the 1000 mark in the Japan Chess Association.

Students have been rapidly improving since taking lessons in the 2017 winter camp. Students in Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club are being taught by the top chess trainers in the world. It is absolutely astounding that we have access to these talented coaches. A huge THANK YOU to our tournament director, CM Alex Averbukh, our instructor, Choua Vang, and Ujjwala Thakar, a student of University of Tokyo, for running a tournament and to Emi Hasegawa for valuable photography. 

Congratulations to our 2018 New Year Chess Tournament winners:

Class A: Ryo Chen with 4.5/5.0

Class A: Ryousuke Sugimoto with 4.0/5.0

Class A: Aarushi Deo with 3.5/5.0

The 1st place winner, Ryo, got a chess set of Mobile Suit Gundam as a prize.

Class B: Yuto Kondo with 4.5/5.0

Class B: Shinya Morita with 4.5/5.0

Class B: Hiroaki Hida with 2.0/5.0

Three players in Class B had never played in the tournament and performed really well.  Most importantly, these little kids had a great time participating in this event for the first time.

All in all, it was a great experience for young players got a good opportunity to display to display their skills.  It has assured us that chess is a game wherein children learn to be responsible for their actions. 


TBCC threw Ryosuke Sugimoto a 12th birthday Chess theme party, during the new year tourament on January 27th.  It was gorgeous for us to have his speech and so much fun.  Happy birthday to Ryosuke!!!

The next big tournament will be the 2nd Interschool Chess Championship in April 2018.  Everyone who works at Tokyo Biligual Chess Club has been involved with organizing and running tournaments for prestigious international schools from last year.

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Winter Chess Camp - 12/16/2017

It’s winter break and kids feel like improving their games in a fun atmosphere.  Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club's Winter Chess Camp was held on December 16, 2017 and had 12 students in total who all enjoyed a combination of classroom instruction and playing chess, as well as fun outdoor time with the lunch and snack time!  Two levels were offered, one for students rated over 800, and one for students rated under 800.  More than half were the 2nd and the 3rd graders.

The driving force behind the whole production, Camp Director - Alex Averbukh, puts a tremendous amount 

of effort into the camp.  The “Beginners Class” was full of talented players and was taught by TBCC instructor, CM Alex Averbukh.  During the day, basic endgame techniques were covered, building to more advanced concepts.  The top class, or "Master Class", was taught by FM Anton Frisk Kockum from Sweden; the importance of understanding how to improve imagination and creative thinking and perform a blindfold chesswhich are all new to campers.  Many of the students attended the 2017 JCA Club Chapionship as the Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club's team and have JCA ratings around 1000.

We had a December birthday celebration that will be lasting a memory.   Party was super fun for our little chess enthusiast and friends.

We hope this camp thrives for years to come. It was created to provide full-day care so that parents can leave their children for the day with confidence that camp will be fun and educational. And having multiple levels allows our students to receive targeted training from our level-appropriate and experienced teachers. 

Tokyo bilingual Chess Club has donated a portion of the profit from the chess camp and scholastic tournaments as well as your thankful donations to the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper.  It is a newspaper reporting on Ishinomaki today, written by the children of the town, where was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake.  Individuals may also help chess clubs acquire necessary equipment and organize student participation in area tournaments.

Thanks everyone for supporting our programs!

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TBCC's Halloween Scholastic Tournament held on October 21, 2017.  The Tournament Director, Alex A., made the pairings each round and Instructor Kevin I. and Ujjwala T. from the University of Tokyo Chess Club settled any type of dispute that arose during the game.  Please give them a respect for the difficult job they do!  Special thanks to Krystian Ofierzyński, from Poland for stopping by straight from the Narita airport and played chess with kids!

Hope Krystian and his friend will enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo currently being hit by the Typhoon.  

There were 10 brave souls, that came out during our Halloween Haunt from at least 7 schools.   Halloween lends itself perfectly to the artistic elements of the game. Children played four rounds showing fine sportsmanship as well as fine ability. 

The trophies and the Halloween Best Costume Award are presented at a ceremony by Koji Noguchi, the 2017 Japan Champion.

When two or more players ended up with the same score, we will have a blitz chess play-off, in which champions play one game of five-minute chess to determine who wins which trophy.  The tie-break has done only for Class B.  Class A winners broke tie with tense game of rock–paper–scissors.  The winners were:

Class A: Yuhiro Muto with 3.0/4.0

Class A: Kai Tatsumi with 3.0/4.0

Class A: Ryo Chen with 2.5/4.0

Class B: Lira Yoshida with 4.0/4.0

Class B: Hida with 2.0/4.0

Class B: Yuki Umetsu with 2.0/4.0


Callum MacPherson from Nishimachi International School Chess Club dressed as Harry Potter won the best costume prize.  Harry Potter is one of the most popular and best record scoring 2 wins for the Halloween Costume Award in two years! 

Thank you, IM Shinya Kojima and WCM Natsumi Kojima, for coming to say 'hi' and guiding their students and inspiring them today with Trick-or-treat candies.  Also, thank you so much for your help in capturing the tournament in your amazing photo, Emi Hasegawa.  

Congratulations to everyone who came out to participate in the rainy day and make for a great chess community event!

Stay tuned for the New Year Tournament in 2018!

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2017 Club Championship TBCC Teams Results


CM Alex Averbukh

Kai Tatsumi

Shota Osaka

Yuhiro Muto


FM Anton Frisk Kockum

Haruto Endo

Ryosuke Sugimoto

Aarushi Deo



Jeremi Nodon

Domenic Clark

Andrew Bergenthal

Yuma Suzuki


36 teams, approximately 170 players, have participated in the 2017 Japan Club Championship hosted by Japan Chess Association (JCA) on September 18-19, 2017.  An yearly event where all chess minds from all over the country come in and compete and try to win the team trophy and the individual medal.

3 TBCC teams are entering the Club Championship 2017 for the second time as an official member circle of JCA.  

It’s an awesome unbelievable achievement for our high school and elementary kids to play all 6 rounds in two days! 

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club team B, C & A ranked No. 12, 20 & 25, respectively, in the final standings of the 2017 Japan Club Championship.


Here are final standings:

    Team Name                      Pts.

1. Azabu Gakuen OB-B     6

2. Azabu Gakuen OB-A    5

3. Chiba-A                             4.5

4. Matsudo A                       4.5

5. Nagoya A                          4

6. Azabu Gakuen A           4

7.  Tohoku Univ. -A           4

8.  Keio Univ. OB-B            4

9. Tokyo Univ. OB             3.5

10.  64                                      3.5

11. Keio Univ.                       3.5


12. TBCC-B                             3.5

13.  Keio Univ. OB-A          3.5

14. Sapporo                           3.5

15. Matsudo-B                      3.5

16. Nagoya B                         3.5

17. Tohoku Univ. B             3

18. Azabu Gakuen C           3

19. Azabu Gakuen B            3

20. TBCC-C                              3

21. Tsukuba Univ.                3


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2017 Club Championship TBCC Teams Announcement


Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club proudly announces that 3 TBCC teams are going to enter the Club Championship 2017 for the second time as an official member circle of Japan Chess Association (JCA).


Event: 2017 JCA Club Championship

Date: September 17 (Sun) & 18 (Mon), 2017 

Place: Ota City Industrial Plaza

Time Control: Swiss 6 rounds (Fischer mode 50 min + 30 sec) 

09:40  R1, R4

13:00  R2, R5

16:00  R3, R6


Team Composition and Board Order
A team shall consist of 4 players (maximum 6 players per team) who are listed below:


Team A 

 CM Alex Averbukh (Captain)

 Kai Tatsumi

 Shota Osaka

 Yuhiro Muto


Team B

 FM Anton Frisk Kockum (Captain)

 Haruto Endo

 Ryosuke Sugimoto

 Aarushi Deo 


Team C

 Jeremi Nodon (Captain)

 Domenic Clark

 Andrew Bergenthal

 Yuma Suzuki


Captains per team are appointed.  Board order is subject to change.  All teams shall abide by these rules and regulations and any matters not covered for in these rules and regulations shall be at the discretion of the TBCC director or the head coach whose decision shall be final and no correspondences shall be entertained.



Welcome IM Ryosuke Nanjo for 2017 Club Championship as a head coach of TBCC teams.   IM Nanjo will provide analysis and preparations to young players as they finish the round on site on an availability basis. 



All players must be in the TBCC team poloshirt and proper attire for two days.


Cancellation Policy

All players are expected to play all rounds of the day(s) confirmed unless Coach decides and withdrawal is required for medical or other emergency reasons.  No refunds will be given after August 18, 2017.


Chess Is A Team Sport!

Do not underestimate the power inherent in playing as a team or the reward felt by teammates who enjoy a very different level of achievement by participating together.   TBCC assigns every new player and experienced player (Captain) on our team to be a tournament buddy, who will help go over games during a tournament, offer moral support, and participate in a special practice before the first tournament to help the new student get ready.


Moms & Dads Backup Member Wanted! 

If your family member of the player wants to become a backup member of the team read requirements of participation and send us email to contact.us@beaconsq.info by 5pm, September 3rd, 2017. (JCA membership is required.) Submitting the email results in the automatic placing of a candidate for the family member's team.  Participation is free.  Please understand that the backup member is required to be present before each round, however, most likely NOT playing unless a player's withdrawal is confirmed for medical or other emergency reasons.