Summer Chess Camp - 7/28/2018

It’s vacation time and kids felt like improving their games in a fun atmosphere.  While Typhoon No. 12 was on its way for Tokyo, Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club's Summer Chess Camp was held on July 28, 2018 and had 9 young players in total who all enjoyed a combination of classroom instruction and playing chess, as well as fun outdoor time with the lunch and snack time!  Two levels were offered, one for students rated over 1000, and one for students rated under 1000.

The “Beginners Class” was full of talented playersand was taught by TBCC instructor Kevin C.  Izquierdo.  During the day, basic endgame techniques were covered, building to more advanced concepts. The "Master Class", gathered the most kids - 5 young and talended players, led by Camp Director - CM Alex Averbukh, who put a tremendous amount of effort into the camp. The topics were the importance of understanding theoretical moves in some endgames positions and how to improve imagination, and creative thinking.

Many of the students attended the 2018 JCA Club Chapionship as the Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club's team and have JCA ratings around 1000, and more than half were the 3rd and the 4th graders.

We hope this camp thrives for years to come. It was created to provide full-day care so that parents can leave their children for the day with confidence that camp will be fun and educational. And having multiple levels allows our students to receive targeted training from our level-appropriate and experienced teachers. 


We had a July birthday celebration that will be lasting a memory.   Party was super fun for our little chess enthusiast and friends.  Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club donates a portion of the profit from chess camp and tournaments as well as your thankful donations to the Ishinomaki Children's Newspaper, which is a newspaper reporting on Ishinomaki today, written by the children of the twon, where was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.   

The newspaper was included in the souvenir package for kids to bring home. Thanks to all our teachers and parents the students learn new things during the camp, helping them to succeed. As always, thank you for being the best photographer, Emi Hasegawa, in the chess world!  Thanks everyone for supporting our programs.

Stay tuned for the 12th Scholastic Tournament this Fall!

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On Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, 15 elementary school students showed up for the Suumer Tournament.  Deep thinkers attend this tournament from grades 1st up through 5th grade to compete against the strongest competition scholastic chess has to offer. This event is one of the strongest events to help your child prepare for the official level competition.  Several students in Class A were one of talented youngsters rated over the 1100 mark in the Japan Chess Association.

Students in Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club are being taught by the top chess trainers in the world. It is absolutely astounding that we have access to these talented coaches. Students have been rapidly improving since taking lessons. 

With so many players in the tournament, many scores were tied. Tiebreaks resolved all the exciting matches and the winner can be found in the table below:

Class A: Ryo Chen with 5.0/5.0

Class A: Aarushi Deo with 3.5/5.0

Class A: Sayak Chowdhury with 3.0/5.0

Class A: Aki Hasegawa with 3.0/5.0



Class B: Shinya Morita with 3.0/5.0

Class B: Yuki Yamaguchi with 3.0/5.0

Class B: Tomoaki Nakaoka with 1.5/5.0

Class B: Jayden Tan with 1.5/5.0

Ryo Shiomi, a former Japan champion, has stopped by during the tournament to present torophies to winners. Remember!  Even though we love rewarding all our top players for their chess excellence, we reward everyone who comes and we acknowledge all our players and think they are just the bees-knees for coming out, challenging themselves, enjoying chess and having a great day of family and community chess fun! 

The next big tournament will be Fall 2018.  Everyone who works at Tokyo Biligual Chess Club has been involved with organizing and running tournaments. If you are serious about providing your children with the best preparatory opportunities for the upcoming country events, consider attending this event. Getting good at something is never really easy but reward for mastering it is priceless.  Try and you will see!

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TBCC is going to the JCA Club Championship 2018!

Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club (TBCC) proudly announces that we are going to enter the Club Championship 2018 for the third time as an official member circle of Japan Chess Association (JCA).  JCA organizes an annual club championship for member associations in September every year.  The club championship is for teams of 4 (or up to 6 players).  TBCC now accepts your application to play as a member of TBCC in the 2018 club championship via email by July 31, 2018.


The TBCC team will consist of the following members (subject to change):


Board 1:  Alex Averbukh (FIDE 2101)

Board 2: ___Under 18 (TBD)___

Board 3: _____Under 12______

Board 4: _____Under 10______



Board 1:  TBD (FIDE XXXX)

Board 2: _____Under 18______

Board 3: _____Under 12______

Board 4: _____Under 10______

As a member of TBCC team, the following are the general requirements for candidates to participate in the JCA's Club Championship:


* Attendance of any official rated tournaments in past

* Attendance at a minimum of one TBCC's scholastic tournament or event in the Class A section with top records (Aug-17-Jul-18)

*  Required to take notations

*  Good etiquette of tournament chess

*  Excellent written and verbal communication in English

*  Open to players with a TBCC membership as well as a JCA membership.  (The JCA annual membership is available for purchase thru TBCC with an approx. 50% discount of regular annual fee for child. The JCA membership for adults is also available for purchase thru TBCC with a regular rate.)


The number of TBCC teams will be based on the entry numbers for the Club Championship and the TBCC director reserves the right to vary the number of TBCC teams based on the actual entry numbers for the event.  FIDE or JCA ratings will be used to guide selection into teams.  Prospective participants cannot easily withdraw or change their plans unless there are alternate players and should consult with the TBCC director


The application deadline is July 31, 2018.  Please send an email to if you would like more information.  Please provide us with name, age as of 1/1/2018, and contact number.  Please also spread the words!


HOORAY!!!  The Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club is here to play at the Club Championship!


My son enjoyed his K-5 elementary school chess club in Tokyo.   He was really looking forward to playing the chess club champions from the other international schools at the upper elementary chess club. Then, before the summer break, we learned the bad news. The majority of international schools had no chess club for elementary students in Tokyo to experience the benefit of chess. I started to speak with the school principal, teachers, students and parents.

Afterward I wondered, "could a parent with no expertise in chess start a chess tournament at an elementary school in Tokyo???" After all, I'm barely a good match for my 6 year old son! As it turns out, there were some helpful web sites indicating, this is indeed possible! But, how? A couple of the sites even provided general descriptions of the process of starting a scholastic chess tournament.  However, none gave a good detailed blow-by-blow description of the process with actual requirements, all the necessary documents and materials to pull it off.   I needed a scholastic chess tournament start-up do-it-yourself kit for dummies. But, none existed.

It was hard to put the idea of starting a chess tournament aside, in spite of my ignorance on the subject.  My son and a lot of other kids in Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club stood to benefit a lot from the effort.   

There will be still a lot of details to sort out and materials to prepare for our tournaments and events.  

Let us try!  And then try again!  Hang in there!