A principal benefit of membership is the availability of a wonderful environment in which to play, watch or study chess with others interested in the world’s greatest game.

A membership provides eligibility for TBCC tournament participation, private/group lesson, Tutors Cloud's tutoring services, and open events.


TBCC one time membership fee: 10,000 yen
One time group lesson fee: 3,000 yen

2,000 yen for one hour group lesson trial

* The facility fee may be additionally charged for lessons.

* TBCC member can receive a 10% discount on purchase of a wide variety of chess products.


The Japan Chess Association (JCA)'s annual membership is available for purchase thru TBCC with an approx. 50% discount of regular annual fee for child. The JCA membership for adults is also available for purchase thru TBCC with a regular rate.


For a child in Kindergarten, Elementary and Middle schools:  (a total of 1,650 yen for the 1st year, a total of 1,100 yen for the 2nd year)

JCA one time registration fee: 550 yen

JCA annual membership fee: 550 yen

Handling fee: 550 yen


For a child under 18 years old: (a total of 4,750 yen for the 1st year)

JCA one time registration fee: 1,050 yen

JCA annual membership fee: 3,150 yen

Handling fee: 550 yen



For an adult: (a total of 8,950 yen for the 1st year)

JCA one time registration fee: 2,100 yen

JCA annual membership fee: 6,300 yen

Handling fee: 550 yen


For a foreign national: (a total of 1,600 yen for the 1st two years)

JCA registration fee: 1,050 yen

Handling fee: 550 yen

* After two years, the status will be switched to the regular adult fees.



Registration form is here.  Please contact us for a membership registration.